Regardless of what industry or field you run a business in, it’s crucial to have extensive backup and recovery for your data and information. This holds especially true for dental practices, where backup and recovery is mandated as part of HIPAA regulation.

You could be guilty of making these key mistakes when backing up data, however, and here’s how to recognize and avoid them:

You’re not consistent with data backups

While you may be backing up data occasionally, it’s absolutely essential to do this consistently and routinely. Daily, weekly, and monthly backups are important to ensure that all records are up to date and you’re not missing vital information, and automated backups can help ensure that. This automates the backup process and schedules it on its own for the time it’s set.

Multiple computers, including a laptop, are set up with code running on them.

You only use single types of data backup plans

It’s recommended that you use multiple platforms and options for backing up data, including a local backup, physical storage, on-site and off-site data backups, and cloud storage. It’s necessary to diversify your data backup solutions to ensure that there are alternatives available in case of an issue and your business does not slow down.

You don’t have a plan for recovery or emergencies

One of the biggest mistakes that companies make when it comes to backing up data is the lack of a recovery plan. HIPAA regulations require that you have a disaster recovery plan in place to retrieve data that may be lost or damaged and have extensive backups in place. Fortunately, we can help you develop this plan and ensure business continuity in case of an accident or emergency, keeping backups of all your records safe.

It’s important to secure and protect your data, which is why we offer backup and recovery solutions for dental practices. You can schedule a free consultation to get an estimate and learn more about our IT solutions for dentists in Texas today!