Having a consistent patient volume is one of the most important aspects of running a successful dental practice. Now, patients assume that you know dentistry; they expect superior service, a short wait time, and a comfortable atmosphere.

If you don’t invest in the finer details of your practice, you’d quickly see your patient numbers dwindle. In addition, having a robust IT infrastructure that supports you in providing quality service and an impeccable customer experience is also essential.

Therefore, you should consider working with an external dental IT service to ensure that your dental practice has the highest technology standards. That said, here are some ways that can help increase your patient volume.

always smile.

Make Appointments Easy 

You should ensure that the appointment process is as seamless as possible. Self-scheduling or automated processes are one of the best ways to get more patients through the door. In addition, you can create an online portal that allows customers to book their appointments at a time and date of their convenience.

They wouldn’t have to go to your office or call the receptionist to book an appointment. It reduces your staff’s workload and allows customers to book a visit outside working hours. Patients who clearly understand their schedule would be less likely to cancel the appointment.

It is also recommended to set automated reminders where patients are reminded a day or two before their visit. Text message reminders can help verify and remind the patients of their upcoming appointments.

Google My Business 

Your Google My Business account should be properly set up and functional if you want to solidify your online presence. It’s an important way to connect with prospective patients to your office. It provides them with comprehensive details about your clinic, which includes the address, phone number, logo, and working hours. You can make a good first impression by providing accurate information to customers searching for your practice online.

Invest in Email Marketing 

Effective marketing is one of the best ways to attract new customers. Therefore, you should implement different marketing methods to improve your online visibility. One of the ways you can consider is implementing a robust email marketing strategy. It can provide you with a great return on investment if done properly.

Send regular emails highlighting the unique features of your practice. Promote any seasonal discounts you’re offering and highlight anything that sets you apart from other dentists in the area.

Implementing New Technology 

We understand it can be quite daunting for dental practice owners to implement new technology and processes within their existing systems. However, a complete overhaul of IT infrastructure and new ideas can be quite hellpful if done correctly. You should always look to engage managed IT services for dentists to help you improve business processes.

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