According to a survey, healthcare, like medical and dental facilities, were the second biggest target of cyber criminals between November 2020 and October 2021. Cyber criminals target dental clinics specifically to access Protected Health Information and use it to fraudulently purchase medicines, and dental devices, or get insurance benefits. Therefore, dental offices need to invest in top-level cybersecurity.

This blog discusses some questions dentists need to ask dental IT services about cybersecurity.

Do You Perform Regular System Audits?

One of the most important questions dental professionals need to ask their IT support providers is if they perform regular system audits and assessments. Even if your cybersecurity system and practices seem top-notch today, technology is constantly evolving, which can result in the same system being outdated in a few months.

Dental practices need to hire IT support for dentists that assesses and audits the cybersecurity systems at least once a year to detect any vulnerabilities and patch them.

What is Included in Your Cybersecurity Training to Employees?

Professional dental IT services also provide regular cybersecurity awareness sessions to employees. But dental practices need to ask an IT support provider about the material they would cover in these training sessions.

Always select a managed IT service for dentists that informs employees about the latest hacking and data breaching techniques cyber criminals use. Additionally, they should also discuss practices to prevent cyberattacks.

What is Your Response Plan for Dealing with Successful Cyber attacks?

IT support providers are not only responsible for preventing cyber attacks, but they also need to have an immediate response plan if a data breach happens. Always ask a dental IT service about the steps they would take to deal with the aftermath of a data breach.

A dentist checking a patient’s mouth using the latest tools

A professional and experienced dental service provider will handle all your cybersecurity needs, so you can focus on your patients without worrying about a data breach. At Foris IT Management, we provide IT security services for dental practices in Texas. Our team offers IT support for dentists by providing free and regular cybersecurity awareness sessions and doing annual system audits.

Reach out to us and let our managed IT services for dentists answer any queries you have about our cybersecurity solutions.