One of the best ways to protect important dental practice data like patient medical records is by keeping copies of the data in multiple locations. This is why it’s crucial to use both local and cloud backup and recovery solutions—they’ll keep your data secure during a disaster such as a power outage. But what types of data backups form the basis of local and cloud backups for dental offices?

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1. Full Backups

As the name suggests, full backups involve creating copies of all the files and data on a dental practice’s computers and servers. Full backups capture everything from system files and settings to files generated by staff, like digital copies of x-ray images, procedural videos, and patient documents.

Managed IT services help dental practices complete full backups to the cloud and on physical drives periodically so that data may be restored in the event of a disaster.

2. Differential Backups

Differential backups are all about saving changes that are made to dental practice files and data between the present day and the last full backup. For instance, if a full backup is performed on the 1st of February and the dentist updates a patient’s information on the 3rd of February, differential backups save the updates.

Differential backups are quicker to execute and require less cloud or local storage space than a full backup. With that said, if you require a full system restoration at your dental practice, you’ll need a full backup and every differential backup since then.

3. Incremental Backups

If you’re looking for a way to regularly back up data, incremental backups are for you. These backups capture amendments made to files/data between full and incremental backups. Incremental backups only save new or modified files, making them one of the most storage-friendly backup options as the least amount of data is backed up each time.

Incremental backups are ideal for dental practices where data frequently changes. In other words, if you’ve got many patients coming for multiple procedures in a busy period, incremental backups will provide you peace of mind regarding patient data.

Foris IT Management Provides Both Local and Cloud Backup and Recovery Solutions for Dental Practices on One Enterprise Backup Server

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No matter what type of data backup you’re interested in implementing at your dental practice, our team at Foris IT Management is ready to provide you with an outstanding service.

Our dental backup solutions have helped countless practices comply with HIPAA regulations and restore data quicker than traditional backup methods. We also provide additional managed IT services for dentists, such as full-time security monitoring and proactive digital structure maintenance.

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