Server monitoring has become extremely important of late. If you’re not monitoring the status of your servers, you’re leaving everything up to chance and hoping the applications, storage drives, memory, and operating system all work harmoniously together without any problems or issues.

However, in the real world, this idealistic operating environment doesn’t exist — things usually go south. When they do, you wouldn’t want to be the last person to know what went wrong and what caused the issue. Thus, monitoring your servers is of paramount importance.

Read as our server monitoring expert in Texas offers a beginner’s guide to server monitoring:

What is server monitoring?

Server monitoring is a practice in which the entire network infrastructure is consistently monitored. The utilization trends are analyzed and subsequently optimized for a flawless end-user experience. The admins use server monitoring to analyze the current state of a server and whether or not it’s capable of hosting business-critical apps.

Thus, it gives you an in-depth insight into your system’s state and whether it’s working or not.

What kind of resources can you monitor?

Depending on the server monitoring applications and tools you decide to use, you can acquire real-time data on various resources, including:

  • Changes to operating system files
  • Event logs
  • System errors
  • Storage utilization
  • Disk utilization
  • CPU utilization
  • Memory utilization
  • Status of network adaptors

In addition, you can configure server monitoring software tools and applications so you can spot alerts that require your attention before they become big issues and detect critical errors that require prompt action.

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