Thinking about outsourcing your dental practice’s IT responsibilities to a specialist? That’s what managed IT services are all about. Managed service providers (MSPs) help with everything from backing up patient data to protecting the practice from cyberattacks.

Find out more about how MSPs oversee the digital infrastructure of dental practices in our managed IT services guide below.

Managed IT Service Providers Ensure Dentists Get Round-The-Clock Remote IT Support for Dentists

If you’re looking for a way to resolve IT issues quickly and efficiently at your dental practice, managed IT services are for you. The MSP will help you minimize downtime and schedule upgrades when your practice is closed to ensure it runs smoothly. Moreover, they’ll help you install software, troubleshoot errors, and update your systems periodically to help you stay abreast of technological developments to maintain a competitive advantage.

Managed IT Service Providers Help Dental Practices Backup and Recover Crucial Patient Data on Cloud Servers

Did you know cloud backup and recovery solutions are among the most reliable ways to protect patient data at your dental practice? Managed IT services help dentists encrypt and back up data on the cloud. This gives dentists peace of mind regarding data safety and enables them to recover data quickly.

If you want to go the extra mile, consider working with a dental IT service that uses one enterprise server to back up data locally and on cloud servers. This will diversify the risk associated with data backups and maximize your compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Managed IT Services Ensure Dental Practice Networks and Servers Are Protected From Cyber Threats

The American Dental Association recently warned practices to be wary of internet security risks such as ransomware attacks and phishing. Fortunately, managed IT services provide an easy solution to this issue.

All you’ve got to do is hand over your IT responsibilities to an MSP. They’ll protect your networks and data from cyber threats like viruses and hackers using firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and more. It’s also worth reaching out to an MSP that provides staff cybersecurity training as an additional shield against cyber-attacks.

Foris IT Management Provides Dental Practices in Texas With Cyber Security Training For Their Staff, Secure Data Backup and Recovery Solutions, and More

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