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How to Successfully Implement Dental Technology in Your Practice

Dental technology plays a fundamental role in enhancing the patient experience. Technology can provide flexibility and efficiency that helps you provide impeccable services to your patients. That said, it can also be quite challenging to overhaul your systems completely, especially if you don’t know modern technology. This is why you will need external dental IT services that

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Dos and Don’ts of Dentist-Patient Email Communication

Communication has become easy, accessible, and free of time limits. Individuals aren’t the only people benefiting from instant and frequent communication. These communication developments have helped foster dentist and patient relationships as well. But like other technological advancements, there are positives and drawbacks to these as well. Keep reading to learn about some of the

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How to Set Up Dental Asset Management?

Like most businesses, dental practices also require asset management to protect and maintain different assets, equipment, tools, and their business in general. Dental IT systems and assets are other major aspects of your dental practice that requires routine maintenance and upkeep. There are several ways to set up dental asset management for your practice, and here is

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