Like most businesses, dental practices also require asset management to protect and maintain different assets, equipment, tools, and their business in general. Dental IT systems and assets are other major aspects of your dental practice that requires routine maintenance and upkeep.

There are several ways to set up dental asset management for your practice, and here is the process of how to get started:

Categorize different dental assets correctly

Dental equipment values at around $8.9 billion USD globally, which indicates that you own high-value products, including dental chairs, monitors and screens, electronics and appliances, as well as various tools and components. The first thing to do for your dental asset management is to categorize your products effectively

A surgical room in a dentists-practice, used for more complex procedures.

Tag your products for easier tracking

One of our IT solutions for dental practices is the use of inventory management, which can be improved using simple tags. Once you have all your different products and dental assets tagged, you can scan them for various purposes, including keeping track of inventory levels and when stocks are low, checking equipment in and out for usage, and overall better management. This will enable you to know who checks out expensive equipment or when you need to reorder supplies, among other advantages.

Schedule regular maintenance and upkeep

Through software and dental IT solutions, you can also get your assets maintained routinely. Have expensive equipment evaluated in case of resale requirements, and have your assets upgraded as needed. The team at Foris IT Management will perform asset assessments and let you know what needs to be upgraded, what software updates your system requires, and any other changes your current system needs.

Managing dental assets and keeping track of your expenses, spending, income, and more is easier when you use our IT solutions for dentists. Schedule a free consultation if you’re interested in our IT services for dental practices, and our team can make recommendations for you.