According to research by the US Chamber of Commerce, around 93% of all US-based companies and businesses use at least one technology to run their operations. The numbers indicate that all types of business facilities, including dental practices, benefit from using technology. But technology also comes with certain considerations, like managing and maintaining IT systems. Therefore, dental practitioners need to opt for a top-rated dental IT service that manages their support and maintenance needs.

Contrary to popular belief, managed IT support and maintenance are two different concepts. This blog discusses some differences between managed IT support and maintenance.

Managed IT Support — Solving Issues

Managed IT support refers to the process and techniques an IT service provider uses to solve technical problems. The entire purpose of managed IT support is to minimize downtime as much as possible, ensuring that sudden software failures, bugs, and system crashes don’t stop the operations of a business. Some examples of managed IT support include recovering data after sudden data loss or fixing software that has suddenly stopped working.

A managed IT support team has access to different tools and resources to determine the cause of a technical problem. Once they know the real issue, they do timely repairs. But managed IT support isn’t only fixing bugs. A managed IT support provider also ensures that once a technical problem is fixed, it doesn’t halt the operations of a dental practice again. The technical issues’ solutions need to be long-lasting and cost-effective.

Maintenance — System Condition and Updates

The maintenance team updates the software applications regularly and checks the hardware tools to ensure they’re functioning correctly. They also ensure that your business complies with the latest standards and regulations.

Additionally, maintenance experts also do daily system fixing. In their maintenance and checkup schedules, they determine if a system has any minor issues that can turn into major problems later. Once detected, the IT maintenance team is supposed to take care of those issues. But unlike the IT support team, the maintenance staff doesn’t handle large-scale or urgent technical issues.

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