As technology becomes more useful at dental practices, there is a greater prevalence of cyber attacks that may harm your establishment. Cybersecurity is a major concern for most dental practices as it ensures the data protection of all your patients and clients. There is sensitive patient information in dental clinics, such as their social security information and other insurance provider information, that would be detrimental to the business if leaked.

Thus, to ensure that no such breaches occur, security services for dental practices must have cyber security awareness training benefits for greater protection against major issues.

What is Cyber Security Awareness Training?

Cyber Security Awareness Training is simply an educational workshop that informs clients of a dental practice about practices that may help them limit the risk of a cybersecurity attack. Dental practices are quite open to cybersecurity attacks, so it’s necessary to reduce the likeliness of cyber attacks.

The training includes teaching individuals to avoid pits like phishing, social engineering, and malware attacks. Security services for dental practices also inform employees how to identify and avoid major threats. The training has many features but mostly centers around greater awareness and following better practices.

Why is Cyber Security Awareness Training Important?

It’s part of the HIPAA Security rule that licensed dental clinics must undergo cybersecurity awareness training so that there is less chance of a cyber attack on these dental clinics. Thus, to comply with the HIPAA security rule, dental clinic staff must undergo cyber security awareness training.

The most vulnerable aspects of the cyber security system in a dental clinic are the medical professionals and the staff working there. Cybersecurity provided by dental IT solutions is so safe now that one of the easiest ways for cyber attacks to occur is through human elements. Thus, if the dental clinic staff is aware of ways to protect data, the percentage of attacks is said to decrease by almost 75%. It’s one of the biggest cyber security awareness training benefits.

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What are the Benefits of Cyber Security Awareness Training?

There are several benefits of Cyber Security Awareness training. We have listed some of the major ones below:

1. Increased Security

All the data procured from your patients remain safe. Dental clinics will not have to worry about a hacker potentially getting into their funds and causing a major loss.

2. Less Risk of Cyber Attacks

Since clinic staff is much more aware of cyber attacks, they would know the attempts of phishing and social engineering and thus can protect the dental clinic from major problems. Less risk of cyber-attacks means less insecurity overall.

3. Compliance

HIPAA requires you to train your dental clinic employees; thus, you can advertise your institution following HIPAA guidelines. It makes people much more likely to buy services from you.

4. Greater Productivity

Since there will be fewer cyber attacks, there’s less chance of operations stopping for cyber attack alleviation. There will be less downtime due to security.

Cyber Security Awareness Training for Better Dental IT Services With Foris IT Management

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