Dental practices must manage a large amount of data and store it in secure locations to prevent data breaches. So these practitioners can benefit from enhanced dental backup solutions that make data security, recovery, management, and storage more efficient.

This blog discusses the three types of backup a dental IT service can offer.

Full Backup

Full backup refers to the complete backup of a dental clinic’s data, including files and hard drives. A dental IT service copies the entire data of a dental practice to a cloud server. This backup option offers quick restoration and recovery in case of data loss. Additionally, full backup provides enhanced data management and retrieval.

But this backup option requires a cloud server with a huge storage capacity and a lot of time to upload a dental clinic’s data to the server. Additionally, since all data is in one place, the risk of a data breach is significantly higher.

Incremental Backup

In an incremental backup, only those files and drives that have been updated since the last backup are backed up. Since only recent changes are backed-up, it takes less time and consumes less storage space in the cloud server.

But this backup makes it highly challenging for dental practices to search for a particular file or record. Additionally, data recovery is also highly time-consuming.

Differential Backup

Many dental office backup services also provide differential backup, which is a combination of incremental and full backups. Unlike incremental backups that only store files that were changed since the last backup, differential backup also stores files that have been created ever since. This option requires less time and storage space — but if any backup is incomplete, dental practices won’t be able to recover their data.

A dentist checking the teeth of a patient in a dental office

Whether you want to opt for full, differential, or incremental backups, Foris IT Management provides a cloud backup for your dental office. Our dental backup solutions allow dental offices to store more than 100GB of files and folders. Additionally, our data backup and recovery for dental practices ensure that you can restore your data if a data loss or breach occurs.

Get in touch with us and keep your data secure with our dental office backup services.