All Backup Solutions are not created equal. 

The following terms may help you to understand the differences

  • File Backup – Only backup files and folders (like excel or word documents), no applications or operating systems are backed up
  • Image Backup – Complete snapshot of the machines hard drive at that point in time is backed up including all files, folders, MBR, OS.
  • Bare Metal Restore – A backup that can be restored to hardware other than the hardware is was backed up from
  • Virtualization Backup – The ability to run your backup as a virtual machine (requires virtual host in most cases)
  • Cloud Backup – Offsite backup on some cloud platforms, such as Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure.
  • Full Backup – A complete backup of the hard drive with boot records etc.
  • Differential Backup – A backup of only the files that have changed since the last full backup (requires a good full backup to be effective)
  • Incremental Backup – Also back up only the changed data, but they only back up the data that has changed since the last backup — be it a full or incremental backup.
  • Local Backup – A backup onto a storage device on the same network as the device being backed up. (Usually to a USB disk, NAS, or other disks)

Most backup providers only provide part of the backup and disaster recovery solution. Which means your time to recover is slower, the data you back up is not complete, and it is easy for hackers to access and delete backups.

Foris’s backup solutions were developed in house, in joint partnership with one of the largest Global Imaging and Security companies in the world. Our solutions for Dental offices combined the need for HIPAA security, while at the same time the backup and restore process is faster than many traditional backup solutions. Foris backup solution combines local and cloud backups into one enterprise backup server and allows us to be able to have access to ALL of the above mentioned backup capabilities, with security, and HIPAA compliance in one application with one fee. No one else in the industry has the same solution we developed specifically with Dental Clinic needs in mind.

What does that mean to you? Recovery from a system failure is much faster, backups are more secure, and even if we restore on different hardware—in Texas or elsewhere your data is protected.


Some of the advantages of our data backup and disaster recovery service are: Recover data files and folder, bare metal recovery, boot to VM, eliminate backup windows, server restores on new or old hardware after a system failure, migrate to a virtual environment, test your disaster recovery plan, and the ability to test new software into a production server environment. With our cloud backup and recovery solutions, you can rest assured that your data won’t find its way into the wrong hands—nor will it disappear into thin air.

Cloud Basic

Gives you the ability to store your images in the cloud for a Disaster Recovery Solution.

Cloud Basic Plus

Cloud Basic Plus immediate file and folder recovery

Cloud Premium

Everything in Cloud Plus, as well as instant virtualization of your systems and data.


  • Local Copy – NAS/BDR failover server. Local backups mean faster restores and less downtime. We have two options for the local copy of your data, NAS (Network Attached Storage) and BDR (Backup and Disaster Recovery) device.
  • NAS is a Standalone set of hard drives that have a built in interface that attaches directly to your network. The advantage of a NAS over an external USB hard drive is speed. Your network connection is much faster than a USB device. A NAS will make your restore times much less.

  • BDR is a stand by server that will allow you to boot and run you server on for a few days while your main server is being repaired.

  • Site Setup. Configuration of all components for first months licensing. Setup contains configuration options NAS, BDR, BTP Cloud, Cloud Basic, Cloud Plus, Cloud Premium.

  • NAS Foris will lease or sell you the equipment to back up your system, and keep it running. A NAS is a small device that will need a network connection Typical Size starts at 1 TB. And up depending on your needs.

  • BDR Think of a BDR as a small lower powered standby server. Foris can lease or sell you a BDR. To get you up and running if a failure occurs.

  • Offsite Foris Cloud is a Private Cloud offsite solution you can backup your files to our office or a second location such as a secondary office or home.

  • Foris Cloud Storage – Cloud storage stores your backups to secure facilities in the cloud.


Security Services

SIEM, IDS, AV, VPN are just a few of the services we offer as part of our base offering. Unlike the competition we do not up-sell your security we enhance it.

Network Audit

At Foris IT Management we feel like an educated client is our best asset. We focus on three essential network categories. Productivity, Security, and Back up.

Managed IT Services

Foris was founded for one very important reason: To provide our partners with an all- inclusive proactive IT management solution.


Many companies sell a HIPAA service that trains your employees and stores documents securely for retrieval if needed. But few actually audit your IT infrastructure. At Foris we run our specialized agents on your network looking for HIPAA rule violations and then can work with you to close up any holes on the IT side that you may not even be aware of, but are completely responsible for.

Office 365

From home to business, from desktop to web and the devices in between. Office 365 delivers the tools to get work done.



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