Why Foris LLC It Management?

Making the RIGHT DECISION for your IT provider today is CRITICAL!

We are Experts in Protection.

In today’s harsh business climate with Ransomware targeting medical providers does your IT provider have a solution?

Is it proven?

And are they experts in this area?

They better be because it is no longer “if” but “when”.

Foris IT Security Management may also help lower your insurance premiums, will your current provider?

All Inclusive Plan

No lowball initial bids with nickle and dime add ons or expensive upgrades.

Foris provides all inclusive style plans. So with us you get remote monitoring and management, patches, updates, security tools, anti-virus, backup and restore services for one low price per device. 

In House Services

Unlike most of our competition we do not just resell other companies services. We develop our services, run them in our cloud infrastructure, manage and maintain them and deliver them to our partners. So we are not just spouting marketing materials when we discuss them with you. We actually know how they work and why they are a good fit for you.

Expertise Unlike Any Other

We know that our competition are all saying how great they are, and how their service is the best, so what makes us different, and why should you use Foris over a cheaper provider?

In house CCIEs who are trained to find problems across a wider array of networks, applications, and services than any other industry certification in the world.

If you want the TOP of the TOP you want a CCIE certified engineer working on your network nothing else beats the CCIE

Critical Decisions for Small Businesses in Todays Changing climate.

The challenge with most small businesses is they need to be able to run services like a larger enterprise but do not have or allocate a yearly budget for those services.

Today’s medical providers are almost 100% online systems. From marketing, to scheduling, to prescriptions, to records-keeping, an even Xrays, it is all being done digitally in software systems either on premises or in the cloud. And any downtime of one of those components costs 1000s of dollars in lost revenue.

So the choice for intelligent clinics is to hire a company that will keep systems up and running and resolve issue quickly. Thus keeping the potential loss of revenue at a minimum.

  • Certified partner to your clinic software vendor?

  • More than a single IT guy on staff?

  • Security Expertise?

  • Medical Specific Expertise?

  • HIPPA certified BA?


Network Audit

At Foris IT Management we feel like an educated client is our best asset. We focus on three essential network categories. Productivity, Security, and Back up.

Managed IT Services

Foris was founded for one very important reason: To provide our partners with an all- inclusive 24/7 proactive IT management solution.

Backup Solutions

The difference between our backup and most backups is that we do a complete Image Backup not just of your data. What does that mean to you?

HIPAA Secure Now

The HIPAA Secure Now! service will provide you with the tools you need to comply with the HIPAA Security Rules.

Office 365

From home to business, from desktop to web and the devices in between. Office 365 delivers the tools to get work done.

Staff Phishing Training

We train and test your staff on what phishing is, how to spot it, and test them monthly at no additional costs.



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