Are You Facing IT Problems At Your Dental Practice?

We offer top-notch IT support
for dentists

Dental practices are like any other modern business; thus, IT problems are inevitable. Your dental practice may experience various IT problems like:

  • Slow or unreliable network

  • Loss in revenue due to network or IT system downtime

  • Problems installing or using dental practice software

  • Unreliable IT support

  • Data backup and recovery issues

  • Unexpected and costly IT repairs

  • Cybersecurity issues

  • Consistent, unresolved IT problems


    All these IT problems can
    negatively affect your
    dental practice

    In more ways than one. You may lose revenue, precious data, or worse, the trust and business of your clients, all because of some technical delays or IT problems. You can overcome these problems and delays if you have the support of managed IT services for dentists. To mitigate these IT problems for your dental practice, you need the right IT partner with the right IT solutions.

    Who We Are

    The IT Partner Your Dental Practice Deserves

    Foris IT Management is the answer to all your IT problems. We provide unmatched, comprehensive software updates, online backup, and IT security services for dental practices in Texas that improve almost every aspect of running your practice.

    Our All-Inclusive Support allows you to stop worrying about your IT systems and their problems and focus your attention on what is truly important, i.e., caring for your patients.

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    Our Programs

    As a full-service technology company, Foris offers you a wide range of IT-managed support services, software, network, and other IT support, solutions, and consultations to elevate your dental practice.

    We provide our dental practice clients with the following: IT support, general IT services, IT security services, dental data backup solutions, specialized compliance audits, dental practice server monitoring, network audit service, and cloud backup and recovery solutions, as well as IT asset assessment for dental practices.


    Foris provides incredibly useful solutions like Helpdesk for your dental practice. Your helpdesk is accessible through phone, email, portal, and even onsite when scheduled in advance. Allowing you to manage your dental practice far more easily than ever before.


    We provide round-the-clock server monitoring, maintenance, and administration to keep your dental practice’s servers safe and running smoothly at all times. Our monitoring solutions provide complete visibility of the status and performance of your IT systems, network, etc.


    Foris is always there for you and your dental practice. While some managed service providers (MSPs) may shy away from a challenge, we offer you unlimited workstation support, making sure your dental practice is always running smoothly.


    We make sure your dental practice is never out of touch and always has full communication capabilities by providing you with our expert VoIP phone support. We even provide VoIP administration services if and when your dental practice needs them.


    You can rely on us to install all your dental practice software correctly and keep it updated so you never miss out on anything. Ensuring that systems are updated is important because updated dental software will always run smoother and faster and be easier to operate than non-updated software. We make sure you always remain updated.


    Foris offers general IT services for dental practices in the form of maintenance and support. We take a proactive approach to fix problems before they arise and make sure your IT systems are always functioning properly.


    We provide an annual IT asset assessment report of your dental practice to help you better understand your IT infrastructure and assets. With this report, you will have an early idea of what IT assets need updating or replacing, allowing you to take action proactively.


    We offer world-class IT security service for Dental Practices and provide completely free cyber security training every year. This service allows you and your staff to avoid the latest breaching and hacking techniques employed by cybercriminals and hackers.


    Our IT services include email administration services for your dental practice, giving you one less IT element to worry about and focus more on your dental practice and its patients.


    We understand the importance of patient, employee, and business data and how crucial it is for your dental practice. This is where our dental practice cloud backup and recovery solutions come in. Our cloud backup storage provides you to save 100GB or more data in the safest way possible.


    Foris has a unique compliance audit software made especially for dental practices. We run it through your computers, servers, network, etc., to identify where your dental practice runs short on compliance. This audit allows us to give your dental practice a speedy solution to any compliance issues.

    We Make It Easy

    for Small Businesses All
    Across Texas.

    Our IT solutions make IT systems easy for small businesses across Texas. Small business owners no longer need to worry about malfunctioning or failing IT systems that lead to downtime and loss of revenue. We take care of it for you so you can focus on your growing your business instead.

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    How We Do It

    We run a simple three-step process to keep your IT systems running smoothly.

    • Assess Your IT Situation

    • Solve Your IT Problems

    • Make Sure Your IT Systems Stay Up & Running

    We provide top-rated dental IT services, products, and custom solutions. No fluff, no mess. Just the help you need, when you need it.
    We will come over, assess your network, look at the configuration of your equipment and software and give you a set of recommendations. We then provide you with a comprehensive project plan to get your IT systems up to standard at a price you can afford.

    From cloud backup and data backup & recovery for your dental practice to a helpdesk for a dental practice, we offer a range of IT-managed services!

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    Reasons for
    Choosing Foris

    Foris provides reliable IT management, services, and solutions for your dental practice. We aim to make your IT systems as sustainable as possible to keep your dental practice running as smoothly as possible.

    Mitigate Downtime

    With Foris, your dental practice rarely faces any downtime or IT difficulty. We have a proactive approach that allows us to make sure your IT problems are solved, way before you even notice or experience them.

    Remote Monitoring

    We assume the role of a silent IT partner that remotely monitors and logs the health and functionality of your network and IT systems.
    However, our experts will be at your disposal to fulfill your IT support needs.

    Comprehensive Assessments

    Unlike most IT service providers, we run comprehensive assessments of your IT systems, giving your dental practice, asset assessments, and software updates as needed.

    Reliable Cloud Backup & Recovery

    Contrary to popular beliefs, data backups often fail or get lost in transmission; however, that’s not the case with Foris. We provide dental practice cloud backup and recovery that you can rely on. Your backups are important, and we make sure they are properly secured in the cloud and recovered when needed.

    Unmatched Security

    In a world with increasing cybersecurity threats, we provide world-class security for dental practices. We mitigate data breaches or hacks, from damaging your business or reputation. This is possible because of our use of the latest and greatest cybersecurity practices and software. Cybercriminals and hackers actively search for weak IT systems to prey on, and we make sure your IT systems are among the strongest on the planet.

    Custom Compliance Audit Tool

    Foris is the home to our unique, custom compliance audit software, which we primarily developed for dental practices. It allows us to look for HIPAA, GDPR, NIST-compliance violations, and pinpoint exactly which rules of these policies are not being followed in your IT systems. Enabling us to determine and create an action plan to resolve the issues and keep you in compliance.

    Full Service IT Management

    Whether IT managed services, IT support, management, or cyber security, Foris provides you the full spectrum of IT solutions so your dental practice does not have to go elsewhere for solutions. We take on everything for you and bring you the best in IT management.

    What Our Clients Say About Us


    Before ForisLLC purchased and took over our previous provider we considered moving to another MSP, but now we are extremely happy we did not. No one in this area knows more about networks, operating systems, security, and especially Dental Systems than the team at Foris LLC. We recommend them to our colleagues with no hesitation.

    Dr Todd Keller, Keller Periodontics

    Responsive is a buzz word in most IT shops we have used in the past, but Foris LLC is available answers the phone and even provides cell phone numbers of the owner for us to call any time.

    Dena Freeman Office Manager, Litton Family Dental

    Our customers expect the absolute best from us and in order to provide that we need the best partners. Foris LLC is the best Dental IT Company in the Austin – San Antonio region.

    What Are You Waiting For?

    Give your dental practice the IT partner it deserves, and contact Foris IT Management today. We want to help you help your patients by improving the IT infrastructure of your dental practice and taking your mind off distracting IT problems.

    Do not let your patients and dental practice down because of IT problems, and let us handle your dental practice’s IT requirements for you.

    If you are still uncertain about your decision, take a look at our ‘Foris IT Wall of Shame.‘ It will help motivate you to improve the IT infrastructure of your dental practice, like so many of our clients.

    If your dental practice looks anything like the ones on our wall of shame, you may need our dental IT services more than you think.