Did you know that the rate of cyber-attacks in the United States is up by 600% since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic? Cyber-attacks comprise all sorts of malicious activities that are launched by cybercriminals who use one or more than one computer to perpetrate these crimes against innumerable other computers to get unauthorized access and cause intentional damage.
Many hackers on the internet commit cybercrimes to steal data, break into systems, and install harmful software or viruses in computers. Hence, cybersecurity is very important for all businesses.
Here are a few surprising facts about cybersecurity that you might not have known.

1.Most Cyber Attacks Start with A Phishing Email

Phishing is an illegal practice where hackers sent fraudulent emails to their victims, which could be specific individuals or even large corporations. These emails usually contain a link. When the person opens the link or puts in their confidential information such as a credit card number or their password, the hacker can get their data and either hold it for ransom or use it to gain access into the system.
Phishing emails are so common that more than 91% of cybercrimes begin with phishing emails. The best solution to be safe from such attacks is to never click on a link that has been sent to you from an unknown source and never reveal sensitive information to another person via email.

A locked phone

2. Mobile Phones Are a Threat to Cyber Security

Many companies and businesses rely on mobile phones to stay in touch with their employees. Most workers also use their smartphones to perform certain tasks when they are out of their office.

While smartphones provide an accessible, convenient, and efficient way to stay connected in a professional setting and manage various operations, they are also a cause of danger. They don’t have advanced anti-virus software, so they are more vulnerable to hacking or cyber attacks as compared to computer systems.

3. Employee Negligence Compromises Network Security

In most companies, employees are trained not to fall prey to known methods of cybercrimes. However, sometimes employees are negligent, which causes a breach in network security and might lead to data loss.

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