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How to Get Staff Buy-In on New Dental Technologies

New programs and medical devices are introduced every day. Upgrading your systems won’t just save time and money but will also change the way your office works. However, for some, technology is a barrier — those new programs or gadget updates mean errors, headaches, and steep learning curves. So, how do you get your staff on

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Why Patient Emails Are Important For Your Practice

As the consumer market for medical and dental services evolves and patients have more choices than ever to find a practitioner for their required services or needs, you will need to level up with your client intake and retention strategy. Patient retention is the key to long-term success for medical businesses, and dental practices are no

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Tips to Increase Productivity in a Dental Office

Dental offices are some of the most fast-paced environments, with constant patient inflow and outflow, dozens of appointments and procedures daily, and hundreds of patient records to get through. It’s a lot to process, and having limited staff members, outdated systems, and slow processes can hinder productivity. However, with dental IT services and a few

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5 Ways to Increase Patient Volume in Your Dental Practice

In 2019, 65.5% of adults in the US visited the dentist at least once in the past year. That means millions of individuals across the US seek dental care each year, and you have the opportunity to bring them to your practice. Dental clinics have the unique opportunity to attract new clients and increase patient

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3 Biggest Data Backup Mistakes — And How to Avoid Them

Regardless of what industry or field you run a business in, it’s crucial to have extensive backup and recovery for your data and information. This holds especially true for dental practices, where backup and recovery is mandated as part of HIPAA regulation. You could be guilty of making these key mistakes when backing up data, however, and here’s

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4 Tips on How to Help Improve Efficiency in the Dental Office

A dental practice sees a wide range of patients and offers various services to its clients; there’s a lot of information and data to process as a result. Many clinics lose out on valuable business and clientele or face issues with their work due to a lack of efficiency. You need to improve your clinic’s

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4 Ways to Build a More Secure Dental Practice Today

Dental practices and clinics deal with sensitive patient information and data each day. From patient records to sensitive information about various procedures and the business, a lot of unsecured data is at risk of being compromised. A dental clinic needs to upgrade security and make its IT structures more secure, and you can implement certain

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Is Your Older Dental IT Infrastructure HIPAA Compliant?

Dental practices must abide by HIPAA regulations to ensure patient data is secure and safe on their dental IT systems and avoid possible legal complications and issues that arise. They have a comprehensive checklist that covers everything from data protection to data breach alerts and measures to put in place to mitigate those. Although introduced in 1996, the regulations

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How Managed IT Services Can Reduce Costs

Dental clinics and practices have extensive IT requirements. They need cohesive, high-functioning, and well-designed systems to store, manage, and use patient data and health records, make day-to-day services and operations more efficient, and keep work streamlined. However, having an in-house IT team for your dental practice isn’t the most affordable, which is why managed IT

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What Is HIPAA and How Does It Work?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 was introduced as a federal law to protect and safeguard patients’ private and confidential data from being shared, disclosed, or accessed without their approval or knowledge. It’s a regulatory standard comprising many sections, rules, and details regarding patient health information (PHI) management, protection, and security. There

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