In 2019, 65.5% of adults in the US visited the dentist at least once in the past year. That means millions of individuals across the US seek dental care each year, and you have the opportunity to bring them to your practice.

Dental clinics have the unique opportunity to attract new clients and increase patient volume through business management and IT solutions for dentists. Among these strategies and techniques, you have the following methods:

1. Send automated welcome emails to everyone

Any time a potential client visits your website, registers an account with you, or enters their email for general updates, send them a welcome email that makes them feel seen. This is a great way to make an impression, give them a point of contact, and express your interest in bringing them on board.

2. Introduce online appointment scheduling

As the trend is shifting toward more digitization, patients increasingly depend on self-scheduling for their dental appointments. By introducing this simple, yet effective feature through our IT solutions for dentists, you can encourage patients to register online for their appointments, look at available slots, use their unique patient ID, and specify the procedure they want. This makes it much more convenient to book an appointment and allows current and potential patients to schedule services from the comfort of their homes.

A patient lies in a chair as the dentist provides a service.

3. Set up appointment reminders for patients

Once patients schedule their appointments and set up their systems with your dental clinic, you can send them reminders and updates closer to their date. Our smart systems let you send reminders according to your patient’s preferred method of communication, be it email, app notifications, or text messages, encouraging them to follow through.

You can also send out reminders for follow-ups and routine checkups that they need to schedule. It’s easier to keep track of this when patient information is digitized and easily accessible.

4. Make billing and payments faster and easier

Introduce flexible billing and payments at your clinic, offering membership plans, incentives for online payment, and other methods that attract new and old clients. The key to incentivizing patients is often financial, and you can encourage them to use your services with the help of our top-rated dental IT services, which include faster checkout, secure payment portals, and self-checkouts and scheduling options.

5. Respond to feedback and reviews online

Responding to and implementing online feedback and reviews is a good business management practice that leads to higher patient volume. Many clinics and dental practices tend to ignore client feedback and online reviews, which drives patients away when all it takes to bring them back is acknowledging their comments and committing to do better.

Bring in more patients with easier management techniques, efficient systems, and faster patient management through our IT support services for your dental practice in Texas through our company. You can reach out to us for a free consultation regarding our IT support services, including backup services, helpdesks, and more, or get started with a complete system audit for your dental practice.