Attaining cybersecurity resilience is one of the crucial goals for almost all organizations. Despite the growing concentration of corporations toward implementing cybersecurity solutions, several myths and misconceptions impede their success.

In this blog, we’ve busted the top cybersecurity myths that prevent organizations from taking adequate cybersecurity measures.

Myth # 01: Hackers Don’t Target Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

A recent study showed that about 58 percent of data theft complaints were reported by small businesses. Thus, all businesses, small or large, are on the verge of cyberattacks these days.

Typically, hackers launch random attacks that target both small and large businesses. Primarily, small businesses become easy victims of cybercrimes due to vulnerable network security.

A hacker launching cyberattacks


Myth # 02: Anti-Virus Software Completely Secures the Business

Although anti-virus software and malware protection are good security measures, they aren’t a complete solution to secure a business. It’s one of the essential components of safeguarding an organization’s network.

Additionally, an organization needs to have other solutions like network audits, IT assessment tests, disaster recovery plans, threat detection, and employee training programs to completely secure its business.

Myth # 03: If My Organization Has Strong Passwords, It’s Safe!

Although strong passwords lay a good foundation for cybersecurity, it’s just one effective practice out of many that an organization needs to implement.

For instance, a business has no proper checks on sensitive files’ views or lacks adequate admin access. In such cases, even if the employees and the corporation has strong passwords, the sensitive files are open to view across the organization, which isn’t a good practice.

Myth # 04: Only Outsiders Pose Cyberthreats and Launch Cyberattacks

While external threats are a continuous concern and need regular scanning, insider threats are equally harmful for the organization. A corporation should keep a close eye on observing their workers’ intentions.

According to research, about 75 percent of data thefts and breaches can be a result of insider threats and pitfalls. This insider risk arises from all employees, including aggrieved workers waiting to take revenge or inadequately trained staff. The need is to monitor all employees’ intentions, supervise them, and provide them relevant cybersecurity training.

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