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Financial Benefits of Managed Infrastructure Services

Budget is always a concern for small businesses trying to sustain themselves in a challenging economic environment. Buying preferences have changed in the aftermath of the pandemic, and businesses require cost-effective and reliable solutions that ensure the same level of productivity while reducing costs. Cutting-edge solutions such as modern tech tools and hiring specialists for

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3 Technology Solutions That Your Business Needs in Texas

We live in a tech-driven era where businesses are constantly looking for modern tech tools that can elevate their organizations to new heights. Modern technology is proving to be a game-changer as they are helping businesses to gain a competitive edge over each other. Whether you operate an old business or are planning to start

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Cyber Security Threats that Businesses Should Avoid in 2022

Undoubtedly, the internet offers one of the best ways to expand your business operations. However, it doesn’t come without risks. As you enter the world of the internet, you make your data and business operations vulnerable to security threats and cybercrimes. Every year, millions of cybercrimes are reported worldwide. So how can you protect our businesses

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Shifting to Work from Home Model: Important Considerations

Trying to work out the post-pandemic work model? The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a monumental shift in how companies work. If your company is still in the experiential phase of this transition and you want to find an effective working model for your business operations and staff, you’re at the right place. Cybersecurity Threats in

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The Emerging Approaches for Cloud Security Auditing Challenges

Cloud security auditing is an essential process in ensuring that your data is secure and protected. There are many cloud account types, services, or platforms out there, and with every new one comes a significant increase in the potential for threats. If you're not careful about effectively auditing these accounts, your company could find itself dealing

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The 101 OF Building a Digital Business Technology Platform from Scratch

Starting your digital business technology platform (DBTP) isn't an easy task. The architecture of a DBTP includes elements, which may be deployed in many different ways, depending on what capabilities your organization needs. Why Do You Need a DBTP? A DBTP enables a single system of record that all company stakeholders can access to look up rules,

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Are These 4 Cybersecurity Myths Increasing Your Business Risk?

Attaining cybersecurity resilience is one of the crucial goals for almost all organizations. Despite the growing concentration of corporations toward implementing cybersecurity solutions, several myths and misconceptions impede their success. In this blog, we’ve busted the top cybersecurity myths that prevent organizations from taking adequate cybersecurity measures. Myth # 01: Hackers Don’t Target Small and

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How Cyber criminals Are Capitalizing on Remote Working

According to a recent market research report, about 70% of remote employees have experienced IT problems during the pandemic! Network security poses new challenges as more and more organizations shift to remote working to better counter the post-pandemic effects. Nevertheless, hackers have become smart too! They now launch more intense cyberattacks to intrude on the

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3 Reasons Why Paying for IT by the hour is bad for your company

  For most of my 30 year career in the IT space I have seen the argument for and against outsourcing IT help. I have been in both places either as a hired gun, or dedicated employee and can see the arguments from both side. Even the MSP space is getting crowded as more of

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