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Understanding the Best IT Solution for you

FORIS was founded for one very important reason: To provide our partners with an all-inclusive 24-7 proactive IT management solution. Our primary focus is providing secure, productive, HIPAA compliant, dental, orthodontic, periodontic, and endodontic offices. Our engineers have years of experience managing multiple dental EMR and x-ray software. We welcome and look forward to answering

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Identify Spam & Phishing attempts – Don’t fall for the bait!

What is the difference between spam and phishing? The difference between spam and phishing is that, while they both may be inbox-clogging nuisances, only one (phishing) is actively aiming to steal login credentials and other sensitive data. Spam is a tactic for hawking goods and services by sending unsolicited emails to bulk lists. While annoying, spamming is

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