The healthcare space is one of the most lucrative sectors to be in; however, when it comes to cyber security, there is a lot of room for improvement. If dental businesses don’t start taking this seriously, then these weaknesses can be exploited by hackers to the detriment of patients and the business’s reputation.

Learn about these weaknesses in this blog and how a reputable managed security service provider can help.

Unsecured Networks

A lot of dental clinics offer free Wi-Fi to add to the experience of their customers. However, they make the grave error of not having a password requirement for people to access it. This can leave the business at the mercy of cyber criminals who utilize sophisticated techniques such as wardriving, network sniffing, and pineapples to steal sensitive information such as credit card information, and passwords and deploy harmful malware on your infrastructure.

Unsecure Devices

Unsecure devices are a common weakness in most dental clinics. Make sure that all devices used by your employees such as phones, laptops, and tablets are protected with reputable anti-virus software. Moreover, ensure that the password requirement policy makes it harder to hack into the system. Having a long password with a combination of characters, numbers and letters can help shore up your IT defenses.

Lack of a Solid Company Strategy

Many businesses still have no idea about the kind of cybersecurity threats or how they work. Therefore, they struggle to implement effective measures for protecting themselves against them. When you don’t have a company policy in place, your staff will not know what to do when something goes wrong.

This is why training your staff on cybersecurity is an important part of protecting your company’s data and network from breaches. Ideally, outsource your security to a reliable managed IT service provider that can establish processes and train employees about security practices, including how best to protect sensitive data and how they should respond if they suspect a breach has occurred.

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