Backing up your company’s data is an important part of being a responsible company. It ensures that you can keep your operations running smoothly, and it gives you peace of mind that there will be minimal downtime possible.

Learn all about the best practices for backing up your consumer data and how a good backup and disaster recovery services provider in Texas can help.

Backup as Frequently as Possible 

In the business world, the volume of data being generated every second is massive. If you don’t want to lose out on vital information, then you must backup as frequently as possible. Ideally, it should be once every day, however, if you are time-constrained, then try to aim for once every couple of days.

Using Different Methods

Like any good portfolio manager will tell you, to hedge risk, you need to invest in diverse instruments. Similarly, the best way to ensure that your consumers’ data is safe is by regularly backing it up on an external drive or a cloud storage platform. This way, if something happens to your computer systems, like the hard drive dies or gets corrupted somehow, all of your files will still be accessible. This can also help protect the data in case a natural disaster strikes your facility.

Covering All Bases

Don’t forget to have a backup plan in place. Having a backup plan for your devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, ensures you don’t miss out on important information if the device gets damaged due to a natural disaster or is stolen. It’s important to cover all your bases to prevent crucial information from getting into the wrong hands.

Backup Encryption

Consumer data is very sensitive and rival competitors can pay hackers top dollar to crack into your database. This is why backup encryption is vital to prevent unauthorized access and safeguard confidential information.

Retention Schedule

To reduce backup storage costs, research backup data standards in the industry you operate in. An experienced managed IT services provider can help you decide how long to hold the data before it becomes redundant. For example, you can choose to keep complete backups for 1 month and weekly backups for 2 months.

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Get Experienced IT Managed Services in Texas

Looking for an IT consulting company in Texas? At Foris IT Management, we help small businesses protect their sensitive consumer data. Our comprehensive IT management services cover all the fundamentals of digital security to ensure your network, security, and backup are operating in an optimal state. We work with clients to create the perfect retention schedule as well as data storage avenues.

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