Finding the right cybersecurity partner can help your business avoid significant data breaches and security shortfalls. They help keep your crucial information secure from external threats, malware, spam, ransomware, phishing attacks, and hacking.

The key is to choose the right service provider. Here are a few easy ways to determine the right option:

Ask questions

Before you sign your contract with a managed IT provider, make sure you ask as many questions as you can. Inquire about the kind of cybersecurity technologies that you use. This will tell you about how well-equipped they are to deal with security breaches and similar situations. It always helps to find a security partner who has a number of technology options on board.

You’re also encouraged to ask if they’re certified in those technologies. Do they have the right skills and knowledge to actually use the technology? Go beyond what their webpage tells you! Ask them about what they think your most significant security risk is.

Cybersecurity threat

The personnel

Most cybersecurity firms actually outsource their core operations to other overseas teams for cost savings. This means that you’re a client of someone else’s clients. This isn’t great news because it will eventually reduce the urgency of your cybersecurity needs and make communication difficult.

Besides, there will be additional time zone and language barrier issues, too, leading to further delays and miscommunications. We recommend looking for a Texas-based company.

Ask the company about how they’ll reach out to you. You need to be aware of their communication strategy. Make sure they’re willing to keep you in loo regarding any cybersecurity incidents and updates.

There has to be a clear protocol with respect to the communication. Talk about what input they’ll require from your end.

Always read the contract.

Don’t sign a contract without having your company’s lawyer review it. Make them go through the service agreement contract and identify any problematic areas. Make sure you read through the contract length, any indemnity clauses, and cancellation fees to ensure there are no chances of a bad faith negotiation.

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Do they understand the cybersecurity threats that your company faces? Do they have the right tools to deal with it?