There are three fundamental steps to ensuring your network audit goes as well as planned. It starts with planning and ends with the result. But there are further steps that you can take, all in due time.

In the end, the decision to have your network audited and to, subsequently, make your network impenetrable will help you and your business. It’s less of an audit and more of an investment, and it starts here:

Having a Plan

Before a professional auditor does the job for you, they might ask what exactly it is that you have in mind. Make sure you have everything planned out perfectly. When you want the audit, what you want to achieve from it, how far you’re willing to go if any vulnerabilities are found, etc. Also, bear in mind that your systems will be audited around the same time and that you must be prepared for backup. Evaluate the risks carefully before going into it.


a computer network

Much of the network audit is about scanning the network for vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the system. Cybersecurity experts will check everything from your servers to your SaaS applications. It is an important responsibility to ensure that everything is working fine and is in line for the audit and that employees have been notified of the plan beforehand.

Assessing the Report

Your cybersecurity expert or the professional you hire will be responsible for handing you the report once it is formulated. If you’re a stakeholder, you will be notified of all the risks and vulnerabilities involved. If your IT system needs a rehaul, you’ll be notified of such.

The next step, which is not a part of the audit but can be, is to ensure you’re making the right decisions. If you have detected vulnerabilities, now is the time you take care of them.

Tackling Vulnerabilities

In the event that vulnerabilities in the system have been detected, you can ask the same team of professionals for suggestions on how to best tackle them. Does your system need an antivirus program? Do you need cloud computing? Is there a need for data storage and backup? They will tell you what’s needed, but it’s on you to ask them if they can help you further with their services.

Need an Audit?

If your business is based in Texas and you need someone to perform a network audit for you, you might want to start by looking into local options, such as Foris LLC. We perform network audits among various other IT management services, which you can learn more about by getting in touch with us.