Dental clinics and practices have extensive IT requirements. They need cohesive, high-functioning, and well-designed systems to store, manage, and use patient data and health records, make day-to-day services and operations more efficient, and keep work streamlined.

However, having an in-house IT team for your dental practice isn’t the most affordable, which is why managed IT services for dentists are excellent for cutting costs. Among the many ways managed service providers (MSPs) help you cut back on IT costs, some of the most effective includes:

You pay a fixed monthly fee

The biggest advantage of working with an MSP is paying a fixed monthly cost that you will owe, rather than having to pay for individual services, multiple salaries, and in-house IT systems. Companies such as ours offer IT services to various dental clinics in Texas, which allows us to reduce the overall cost and load for individual clients. Our IT professionals handle multiple accounts, which enables us to offer 24-hour support and services, and give you access to account managers while still charging a minimal fee.

They offer upgraded security

In-house IT systems are expensive to maintain and upgrade, which is why many dental practices have outdated, unsecured systems prone to attacks and malware. Using cloud-based IT services enables us to keep security up to date, reduce downtime system issues and mitigate breaches. Foris IT Management takes a proactive approach to security, ensuring that our client’s data is well-protected and secured on all our cloud-based IT systems, using the latest technology, including blockchains, antiviruses, and malware detectors.

Faster and more efficient

Using managed IT services for your dental practice is significantly faster and more efficient since our services are customized and tailored to your particular needs. Rather than providing you with cookie-cutter, generic IT programs, our team designs customized solutions and systems for your clinic, allowing you to prioritize your needs.

If your focus is on cloud backups and recovery or patient scheduling and billing, we’ll ensure that you get the features and functions you’ll use most frequently rather than paying for everything we offer. Greater efficiency, on the whole, also guarantees greater earnings for your business.

A dentist works in the office while dealing with a patient in their chair.

You save on new tech and hardware

Dental practices have some of the most expensive setups in the medical field, with offices paying for everything from salaries to lab fees, equipment fees, tools, and system maintenance to keep their offices running. Add to that the cost of investing in technology and hardware, and you’re looking at tens of thousands of dollars a year, which you can save by choosing an MSP. Your managed service IT company will be the one responsible for paying for new technology and hardware, including monitors, cables, hard drives, and more.

Managed IT services for dentists are a game-changer for small and mid-sized practices because they allow you to cut back on costs while securing health records and patient data onto cloud-based platforms and outsourcing system maintenance. You can learn more about our managed IT support services for dental practices in Texas and schedule a free consultation with our team here.