Want to evaluate the performance of your company’s network equipment?


Enterprise networks constitute numerous connections and hardware to service the company’s infrastructure. All these devices need to be functional and perform optimally under all conditions.

To analyze the network, most companies use Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) tools. An NPM tool is essential for device monitoring. They evaluate the network’s performance by analyzing the operation of each tool connected to it and identifying the issues within the system.

Which Network Equipment Can You Monitor?

Is it possible for one solution to monitor every single device connected to your enterprise’s network?

The simple answer is, yes.

Most NPM companies understand that companies need to use different types of devices on their network and each company’s network looks different. Therefore, they make sure that their NPM tools can monitor several kinds of devices from multiple vendors and are compatible with a large spectrum of devices.

There are mainly two types of hardware you can monitor with an NPM tool;

Connected Devices

These are the devices that aren’t part of your network infrastructure but they can be connected to your network for a certain task. For instance, a mobile phone, computer, or any other smart device.

Network-essential hardware

Hardware installed by your enterprise to build the network. This may include devices like bridges, routers, switches, access points, and other equipment that expand your enterprise’s network.

How do you monitor Equipment?

an illustration showing a network tree

To analyze different performance metrics of a network, you need a centralized solution. Here are the most common monitoring functions performed by an NPM tool.

Equipment availability

First, the NPM tool identifies that each device in the network is active. If a device is not functional, it examines the devices and investigates if the device is temporarily down or needs repair.

Equipment Performance

Even if a device is operational, you need to make sure that it’s in good working condition and there’s no risk of device failure. NPM monitors the health of each device to ensure that it doesn’t cause network problems later on.

Equipment Security

Security attacks can cause significant damage to a network. NPMs look for harmful actors and alerts the network team about security breaches so then protect the data and proactively deal with the situation.

Equipment Information

In addition to an equipment’s security and operational information, you also need to understand its features and functionality. NPMs help you acquire information about the working of each device on the network. For instance, they help you examine the CPU usage of computers and other devices connected to your network.

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