An Internet Protocol camera is a digital video camera that receives and distributes data over a specific network or the internet.

It works similar to a webcam but is a separate unit with its own IP address that can be connected to a network to send images. An IP camera connects to networks just like any mobile device or gadget would.

How It Works:

IP cameras can capture and send images just like you would with a digital camera. The pictures are compressed before they are sent and can be viewed on any screen.

IP cameras allow security officers to track and identify people as they enter and exit your organization and can be used to monitor high-security areas with clear images.

Most cameras do not work in real-time. Instead, they record pictures and videos to be viewed later. But with a network connection, IP cameras can record events as they are happening.

Reasons To Use IP Security Cameras:

Every business needs to have at least a basic security system in place. Not only are you protecting your employees, but you are also safeguarding important business assets.

An analog CCTV camera

Analog CCTV Systems Are Out Of Date:

Over time, analog CCTV systems have lost their value. Not only are they unreliable as they age, but they can cost a lot to repair and maintain. Additionally, it may not be worth it to repair an already failing system.

Video Analytics:

IP cameras can record large amounts of footage, making them ideal for businesses who don’t have the budget to hire someone to track the footage live.

Additionally, you may only need to recheck the footage when a crime actually happens, and the software for IP cameras can alert you every time your alarm goes off. Therefore, it is more convenient to use IP security cameras.

Can Be Monitored Remotely:

Remote monitoring is ideal for business owners who always have to travel, as it allows you to check the camera footage no matter where you are.

Any problem can be assessed immediately, and you can alert the required authorities to take fast action.

Easy Installation:

IP cameras take barely a few minutes to install, and then you can instantly start using them. The easy-to-use software can be downloaded to view the camera’s footage on any device you wish.

An IP camera at home


It’s easy to scale IP security cameras as per your business requirements. You can choose the number of cameras you want, and they can be installed in covert places with ease.

This is better than other systems that may require you to buy four or even sixteen cameras at a time. You can also choose to use the cameras with a wired or a wireless network connection.


An IP CCTV camera is an excellent investment that saves your money from being spent on costly upgrades in the future. With IP cameras, you reduce the need to hire extra security, and they work to capture footage in real-time that can track all activity in high resolution.

High-Quality Images:

IP security cameras have improved resolution as compared to analog cameras. The clear images are ideal for tracking and zooming in on faces in the case of a crime.

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