Cybercrime has been a huge concern for businesses adopting technology to improve their performance. According to reports, there were almost 800,000 suspected cases of internet crime that cost companies a total of $4.2 billion in 2020. These numbers will grow significantly as more and more companies shift towards cloud-based computing. Due to the rising number of cybercrime cases, cybersecurity has become necessary for most companies. To prevent cybercriminals from accessing sensitive data, we help companies with proxy servers and other protective measures.

What are Proxy Servers?

Proxy servers are virtual intermediaries that are established so all your internet traffic goes through them. These can be set up on individual computers or whole business servers. Essentially, the server has a different IP than your current IP, making it near impossible for cybercriminals to access your servers. It is one of the best ways to stay anonymous in this digital world.

Benefits of Proxy Servers

Prevents Email Phishing

Phishing is a type of cybercrime in which cybercriminals steal your financial details by impersonating an organization and asking for your bank or account details in text messages and emails. Proxy servers are an added layer of protection that prevents your systems from unsecured and spam emails.

A secure smartphone.

Protects from DDoS Attacks

Most criminals damage the operations and functionality of your websites through a DDoS attack. These happen when your servers receive a high number of requests that its unable to handle. We use reverse proxies to help prevent any overload of requests by making the proxy a form of buffer.

Protects from Data Breaches

One of the easiest ways to harm a business is through data breaches. Cybercriminals usually set up websites that are designed to steal your data. Once you access that website, they harvest all your credentials and information and get access to your servers, leading to data breaches.

We can help prevent any data breaches or phishing activities by providing network security and management services to our clients. We even offer cloud backup and recovery solutions, so you have instant access to your up-to-date data if there are any data breaches. We want to make sure that you are comfortable knowing that your information is safe with us. Besides proxy servers and data protection, we also provide a wide range of general IT services. You can find out more about them by contacting us.