The exchange of information between multiple departments of an organization can have many benefits for the organization and its management. Communicating becomes easier with a shared network, and monitoring this network requires less time and effort by the company’s management. However, when freely transferred from one department to another, the data can become difficult to protect from cyber-attacks. The management must understand the different variables involved in network security management. Here are some commonly asked questions regarding network security and their detailed answers.

Are We Compromising the Network Security of the Organization by Giving Employees Home Access?

This question is frequently asked by managers of companies who employ remote workers. Their concerns about network security are often amplified due to the lack of physical control over their company’s network. The answer to this question varies for every company. If an organization has a network with a hierarchical system, an employee will only be able to access the information that concerns their related job roles. Network security monitoring services create a silo for each employee working within the network so the flow of information can be better controlled and monitored.

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Are Internal Threats More Dangerous Than External Threats?

The answer to this question is yes. The internal intruders within your company’s network can cause much more damage as they can be difficult to identify. Your company’s network has already been compromised if the source of the threat is internal. Eliminating this problem requires the help of a professional network security audit company.

Should the Management Fix a Network Issue without the Involvement of IT Security Monitoring Services?

As a company’s manager, you might have the authority to access all your company’s information, and you might feel prompted to solve a network issue without the aid of IT support. Despite the apparent ease, it can create many more problems for you and raise the security risks for the entire company. Following protocol is essential when you are operating with a sophisticated company network, and using unauthorized channels to gain access is not encouraged.

Foris IT Management can address all your concerns regarding managed network security services and help you avoid any mistakes that might lead to data and security breaches within your organization. Our company focuses on educating the managers of business organizations to help them employ technologically advanced IT solutions and overcome recurrent business challenges.