Networks are always evolving and growing, which makes it necessary to conduct regular network audits. It’s essential for an organization to include network auditing in their frequent maintenance checks.
If a company incorporates new devices or new users into their network, this can disrupt the network infrastructure and have adverse effects on network security. A business should hire an IT administrator to perform regular network audits.
Let’s discuss the importance of performing network audits.

What Is a Network Audit?

A network audit is a process of analyzing information and studying data on a network to understand whether the network control is effective and functioning inside an organization. During the network auditing, the network administrator is also able to identify any security threats.
It’s vital to recognize network security issues at the earliest possible time so an IT practitioner can implement the necessary changes immediately and prevent security problems from causing permanent harm to the network.

What Is Involved in The Process of Network Auditing?

The network auditing process involves an IT administrator who must map out each computer used on the network and the software installed and used on these computers.
After completing the software inventory, the administrator moves on to cataloging which software has delayed or has stopped working completely and which ones are running smoothly.
After auditing the computers on the organization’s network, the administrator also catalogs the devices which are connected to the network, such as fax machines, routers, smartphones, etc. Each device must be cataloged to finish the network audit and complete the data analysis.

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What Information Is Collected During a Network Audit?

Network audits are performed to collect information and monitor changes on computers, software, and devices on the network. The network administrator has a set of standard requirements which they use to compare and identify any changes occurring in the network.

A network audit can also help with the detection of potential theft. For example, many employees are negligent and might not take the security threats seriously, which would endanger the company’s network security.

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