If your business has ever suffered from a network or security breach that has led to downtime, you know the catastrophic effects it can have on productivity. Surveys suggest that 29 percent of businesses lose significant revenue amounts due to even momentary data breaches.

While it’s not always possible to avoid such network failures and IT downtimes, there are several measures that can be taken to reduce the likelihood including, ‘network audit.’

What Is A Network Audit and When Do You Need It?

A network audit is a process of organizing and conducting an in-depth analysis of your network, including both software and hardware. It is primarily done to see how optimally your network is operating and to identify its faulty areas.

There are many reasons why your business may need a network audit. For instance, you could do it to review and update your inventory. And if your business is suffering from poor network performance, a network audit can help you check for required upgrades. In certain industries like healthcare, you may require an audit in order to comply with the regulatory standards.

Some businesses benefit greatly from network audits despite there not being an explicit need for them.

How Is It Done?

A network audit is fairly complex in practice, but the idea itself is pretty simple. Primarily, the procedure aims to compare the existing network performance to what should be an ideal network performance.

For instance, the routers, interfaces, servers, switches, and devices are checked to see if they’re working as they should. The audit is performed using several networking tools that help identify any cybersecurity vulnerabilities, network bandwidth and its usage and challenges, data security, required infrastructure upgrades and much more.

Once the audit is complete, the findings are assessed to plan the way forward. Replacements and upgrades are advised based on the findings.

Who Can Help with A Network Audit?

Audits are usually performed by IT managed service providers. They help create a comprehensive assessment report of your network with detailed analysis of key elements such as security, backup and productivity.

This helps the business devise a plan for improvement, which in turn boosts productivity and growth.

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