Cyber gangs are a group of professional cybercriminals that have been active and operating for years. They’ve utilized new technologies, embraced advancements, and have become more intimidating for organizations.

Leading cyber gangs that pose serious threats include Cosmic Lynx, Fin 7, Exaggerated Lion, and Florentine Banker. Here, we’ve compiled some recent trends of cybercrime gangs and their activities.

Legitimate ‘Looking’ Websites

Cyberattacks have become more intense and efficient in pretending authenticity. Cybercriminals are now using legitimate websites and social media accounts to launch more informed and sophisticated attacks.

A new whaling technique is used in phishing scams these days. It’s a quite research-intensive attack aimed at CEOs or other executives of a firm. The cybercriminal impersonates as a notable corporate member and invites their victims to share files on office suite applications.

Once files are shared, cyber gangs gain access to all documents, files, and emails of an organization, leading to costly data thefts, ransomware attacks, or data extortion.

Phishing Emails beyond Detection

Poor English and grammar used to be an effective way to detect fraudulent or phishing emails. However, it’s no more the case.

Recently, cyber gangs have shared phishing emails that are written in perfect language and style. Some cybersecurity experts believe that cyber gangs have started hiring professional writers for their purpose.

A person checking emails on a laptop

Cyber Infiltration Has Begun In-Person

All organizations either relying on hardware or cloud have an equal likelihood of getting affected by cybercrimes. It’s because cyberattacks have begun in person.

A recent example is an intended mundane attack on Tesla, a renowned car company based in California. The cybergang planned to influence a Tesla employee to inject malware into the internal networks, later diverting the IT team’s attention by launching a DDoS attack. After extorting the network, they would have compelled Tesla to pay a heavy ransom.

According to few reports, the gang reportedly sent a person to Nevada to personally persuade the employee with wines and drinks, offering $1 million to infect the internal network.

How to Protect Your Business from Cyber Gangs?

Here are some ways to stay protected from cyber gangs.

  • Adequate employee training about information handling and data management;
  • Continuously review and update your organization’s weak policies and procedures;
  • Stay alert from insider threats;
  • Secure remote work devices/gadgets; and
  • Partner with a managed IT services support provider.

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