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The Ultimate Checklist for Your Network Security Audit Report

A network security audit is a comprehensive evaluation of a company's computer and data security. It helps identify potential weaknesses that hackers could exploit and offers recommendations to fix those weaknesses. Importance of Network Security Audit Every time your company grows, whether by hiring new employees, launching new products or acquiring another company, it increases your vulnerability

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The Emerging Approaches for Cloud Security Auditing Challenges

Cloud security auditing is an essential process in ensuring that your data is secure and protected. There are many cloud account types, services, or platforms out there, and with every new one comes a significant increase in the potential for threats. If you're not careful about effectively auditing these accounts, your company could find itself dealing

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The 101 OF Building a Digital Business Technology Platform from Scratch

Starting your digital business technology platform (DBTP) isn't an easy task. The architecture of a DBTP includes elements, which may be deployed in many different ways, depending on what capabilities your organization needs. Why Do You Need a DBTP? A DBTP enables a single system of record that all company stakeholders can access to look up rules,

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Ensuring Success for a Cloud Migration Project

Cloud computing is a great option for businesses of all sizes. Many businesses have already begun the migration to cloud computing, and many are still in the process. This blog post will outline best practices for ensuring the success of a cloud migration project. Why Cloud Migration? Businesses of all sizes are finding it more difficult

By |2021-08-16T04:36:17-05:00August 16th, 2021|Technology|0 Comments

Cyber Gangs: Who Are They and What Do They Want in 2021?

Cyber gangs are a group of professional cybercriminals that have been active and operating for years. They’ve utilized new technologies, embraced advancements, and have become more intimidating for organizations. Leading cyber gangs that pose serious threats include Cosmic Lynx, Fin 7, Exaggerated Lion, and Florentine Banker. Here, we’ve compiled some recent trends of cybercrime gangs

By |2021-07-20T04:52:19-05:00August 10th, 2021|Technology|0 Comments

4 Benefits of Having a Managed Security Services Provider

As cybercrimes continue to evolve and attack organizations worldwide, many have started partnering with a managed security services provider (MSSP) in addition to their implemented security solutions. An MSSP is a third party that provides continuous network security monitoring and professional server management, minimizing the likelihood of cyberattacks. This blog has compiled the top benefits of

By |2021-07-20T03:28:56-05:00August 5th, 2021|Technology|0 Comments

6 Things Small Businesses Should Know Before Cloud Migration

It’s 2021 — the start of the new decade! So, if you’re planning to grow your business with cloud infrastructure, you’re on the right track. Organizations worldwide are moving to the cloud to maximize productivity, boost flexibility, and reduce costs. While cloud migration has significant benefits, it’s always worth considering the prerequisites. Here, we’ve compiled six

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Are These 4 Cybersecurity Myths Increasing Your Business Risk?

Attaining cybersecurity resilience is one of the crucial goals for almost all organizations. Despite the growing concentration of corporations toward implementing cybersecurity solutions, several myths and misconceptions impede their success. In this blog, we’ve busted the top cybersecurity myths that prevent organizations from taking adequate cybersecurity measures. Myth # 01: Hackers Don’t Target Small and

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Data Backup and Recovery Plan: 4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs It

Irrespective of the size, almost all businesses rely on data files, documents, and applications. What if you suddenly lose access to this storage? Many organizations will face a significant decline in their profits, and some may need to shut down their operations. Read on to learn how data backup and recovery plans can save your business

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