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How Managed IT Services Can Reduce Costs

Dental clinics and practices have extensive IT requirements. They need cohesive, high-functioning, and well-designed systems to store, manage, and use patient data and health records, make day-to-day services and operations more efficient, and keep work streamlined. However, having an in-house IT team for your dental practice isn’t the most affordable, which is why managed IT

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What Is HIPAA and How Does It Work?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 was introduced as a federal law to protect and safeguard patients’ private and confidential data from being shared, disclosed, or accessed without their approval or knowledge. It’s a regulatory standard comprising many sections, rules, and details regarding patient health information (PHI) management, protection, and security. There

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3 Ways Outsourced IT Support Can Optimize Your Dental Technology

Dental clinics and practices use several different types of dental technologies each day, including imaging tools and software, patient health information portals, management and accounting software, and complex programs to manage patients and service delivery. But did you know it’s possible to optimize dental technology even more with the help of effective outsourced IT services for your

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Here’s How Dental IT Services Help Improve Patient Experience

Dental businesses that want to succeed in this competitive environment need to focus on improving customer experience. Satisfied customers are likely to come to your clinic again and also refer your business to others. This is why so many dental practices choose to hire IT managed support services. Learn how they can help you achieve

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Why Network Security Audits Are Essential for Small Businesses

Small businesses have become easy targets of cyberattacks and data breaches that cost them thousands of dollars in losses every year. If you don’t want to be at the mercy of cyber criminals, you need to schedule a network security audit today to keep your business safe. Learn why network security audits have become crucial for small

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Best Practices for Backing up Your Consumer Data

Backing up your company’s data is an important part of being a responsible company. It ensures that you can keep your operations running smoothly, and it gives you peace of mind that there will be minimal downtime possible. Learn all about the best practices for backing up your consumer data and how a good backup

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4 Essential Cybersecurity Tips for Dental Practices

Over the last two decades, dental practices have witnessed an evolution in computer technology. Previously, computers were only used for billing and basic record keeping. Then came the advancement from billing to charting, digital radiography, appointment scheduling, and now, digital dentistry. With the increasing amount of data stored in systems, the sophistication and frequency of

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