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How To Avoid Data Backup And Recovery Issues

Data backup and recovery issues can be highly stressful, especially if you’re working on essential projects that are time-sensitive. Even if you have an automated system to back up your data, it’s always possible that it won’t work correctly or fail, leaving you scrambling to recover your lost files from the last backup cycle. Here are

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7 Ways Advanced Information Technology Can Help Your Business

Advanced information technology (IT) can be an incredible asset in helping your business increase efficiency and streamline processes. Still, some companies are reluctant to jump on board with these technologies because they fear they’re too complicated or expensive to implement. This is especially true with smaller businesses that don’t have an IT team or an

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How Is it Beneficial to Migrate Your Data To A Virtual Environment?

Virtualization technology offers many benefits over physical computer environments, but one of its most significant benefits is the ability to migrate data from physical server deployments to virtual ones. While this might not seem like such a big deal at first glance, it offers many benefits that will help you run your business more efficiently and

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A Brief Guide to Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS)

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a concept gaining a lot of popularity amongst the business community. The unique cloud computing method provides unprecedented benefits as it helps businesses with cutting-edge solutions and resources. Businesses use IaaS as a form of a subscription model where users can access network management, cloud storage, and state-of-the-art computation. IaaS gives

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Why Do You Need External Tech Support for Your Dental Practice?

Efficient communication and information confidentiality are crucial factors in running a successful dental practice. Your patients need to feel comfortable and confident in choosing your business as their preferred choice for their dental needs. However, dental practices often get embroiled in fixing their IT systems which takes their attention away from providing quality care to their

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Pros and Cons of Hiring an External IT Consultant

Modern IT infrastructure and technology transform how businesses operate in today’s challenging economic climate. Modern technology and mechanisms help them set up for success. These are key drivers that can help new businesses to elevate to new heights. However, getting all this infrastructure, setting up an in-house team, and other things can eat up your budget.

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The Legalities of Digital Signatures

Digital signatures have become increasingly popular in this day and age. They are considered a digital and more secure alternative to handwritten signatures. They are placed to confirm the authenticity of all digital communication channels. These digital signatures were considered legal under the E-Sign Act of 2000. Some of the major benefits of using digital signatures

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Significance of Proxy Servers for Enhancing Cyber Security

Cybercrime has been a huge concern for businesses adopting technology to improve their performance. According to reports, there were almost 800,000 suspected cases of internet crime that cost companies a total of $4.2 billion in 2020. These numbers will grow significantly as more and more companies shift towards cloud-based computing. Due to the rising number

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The Importance of Disaster Recovery for Large Businesses

A disaster can immediately wipe off your entire business’s database and network. If your company doesn’t have a secure data recovery plan, you potentially risk all your valuable data. In addition, if you’re a tech-savvy business, the stakes are much higher. A recovery plan allows you to resume your work and prevent interruptions in case of

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Ways in Which Businesses Can Identify Phishing Scams

Despite advances in cyber security software and better anti-virus programs, phishing emails are continually rising. However, educating your employees on spotting a potentially dangerous email can help you prevent data theft and significantly improve your business’s cyber security. Let’s look at some of the easy ways to spot a phishing scam. Beware of emails that demand

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