New programs and medical devices are introduced every day. Upgrading your systems won’t just save time and money but will also change the way your office works. However, for some, technology is a barrier — those new programs or gadget updates mean errors, headaches, and steep learning curves.

So, how do you get your staff on board with new technology? Let’s find out:

Familiarize yourself with the technology

If a specific technology is simple to learn, it doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. Gaining a basic understanding of the software to address core tasks is a part of human nature. However, when you find the time to dig deep, you’ll be in a better position to maximize the benefits that technology offers.

Train the team effectively

ROI (return on investment) should be used to evaluate the success of any new technology. Often, a dentist will invest in innovative systems but won’t learn how to utilize them or train their employees the right way. This makes adopting the new technology and realizing the full ROI far more challenging.

Staff may feel they don’t have enough time to learn new technology because they can’t afford to lose a lot of time sitting through extensive training. Therefore, training them effectively is important.

Don’t mandate it; sell it

Looking to encourage staff to adopt new technology? Sell its virtues instead of telling them, “I’m the manager; we’re using this.” The employees will never feel fully invested in the technology’s success if they’re forced to accept it. Communicate to your team the reasons behind the decision and why the whole practice will benefit.

Present it as a tool that’ll make their jobs better and easier. Reassure them that the new technology is here to support them, not replace them. When you connect the technology to their needs, they’ll see how it’ll affect their productivity and workflow and be more open to adoption. Enable staff to familiarize themselves with the software and observe as they discover what life is like on the other side.a dentist checking a woman’s teeth

Choose simple, powerful technology

Technology that is cumbersome to use and implement will definitely meet resistance. Put yourself in your staff’s shoes when assessing technology options. You’ll fight a tough battle if the technology is overwhelming.

Although learning new workflows and technology is part of the process, easy-to-use and intuitive technology will be adopted far more quickly.


Obtaining buy-in upfront is the first step to adopting new technology, which is followed by good training. Clarifying how the practice will benefit your employees is crucial to your success. In addition, training should be structured well, executed expertly, and reinforced to ensure a flawless transition into the workflow.

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