As the consumer market for medical and dental services evolves and patients have more choices than ever to find a practitioner for their required services or needs, you will need to level up with your client intake and retention strategy.

Patient retention is the key to long-term success for medical businesses, and dental practices are no exception to that rule. In fact, retaining older patients and clients, in general, is tougher than attracting newer ones, which is why patient emails can be a step in the right direction.

Some reasons why this simple patient retention strategy works so well in healthcare are as follows:

Emails build a stronger patient-practitioner relationship

As mentioned earlier, emails play a major role in patient retention because they improve the patient-practitioner relationship. Receiving regular updates, information, and follow-up details, appointment reminders, and other types of messages via email can really set you apart as a dental practice, and our IT services for dentists can be used for this purpose. You can build a rapport with your patients through automated emails, displaying that you are professional, serious, and invested in their health.

Referrals come easier when your company is noticeable

It’s also easier to get more referrals when patients have you at the back of their minds at all times. Email is a great way to make your presence felt for patients, who, when looking to recommend a dental practice, will be able to recall yours much more easily. In fact, you can also directly ask for referrals via email, incentivizing patients using friends and family discounts, referral codes, etc., and our general dental IT services can help you activate those offers.

A patient receives an email reminder for an appointment.

You can engage with absent or inactive patients easily

Do you have a large number of inactive patients who’ve either stopped coming in for services or haven’t followed up in a while? Send them an email!

Inactive and absent patients are a form of untapped potential that you’d be missing out on as a dental practice. Jog their memory, send them a special code or offer, remind them about services that are due based on patient information, and engage them once more. It’s an inexpensive and efficient way to re-engage old clients and bring them on board using simple dental IT services.

It’s easier to inform them about new services and promotions

Another bonus of using patient emails for your practice is having the ability to communicate with them more easily, in general. You can share promotional offers, new services, pricing or policy changes, upgrades to your services, and any other information that would benefit them. It’s quick, effective, and works well for communicating with dozens of people in a single mail.

You can focus on patient outreach and communication through our IT support services for your dental practice in Texas through our company. Schedule a free consultation with our company regarding IT support services, including backup services, helpdesks, and more, and we’ll help you automate communication and much more.